Quality Policy

RMA Precision’s objective is to offer a transparent service where
the customer knows they are in control of their requirements
and are confident that RMA will meet their requirements. The
focus is on delivering to you a product that meets your quality,
cost and delivery expectations.

A quality policy that reflects the Partner’s quality goals is shown below.
It is reviewed during management review meetings and is modified as
needed to ensure continuing applicability. Revisions to the policy are
approved by the Partner and communicated to employees and other
stakeholders as necessary.


Our Vision

To be our customers’ first-choice partner for their precision engineering requirements.


Our Mission

Provide engineering services that exceed customer expectations in terms of expertise, quality and on time delivery.
To help achieve this we will:

• Ensure customer requirements and associated risks are understood and fully met.
• Maintain an open and honest dialogue with customers.
• Use customer feedback to help improve our services.
• Keep customer satisfaction at the heart of our business.

• Ensure employees are competent.
• Ensure employees work and conduct themselves in an ethical manner.
• Encourage employees to be involved in improvement and customer satisfaction matters.

• Operate effective and safe working practices.
• Ensure the working environment is conducive to product quality.
• Manage risks associated with effective quality management.
• Harness and protect company knowledge.
• Ensure compliance with AS9100 and ISO 9001:2015 and other applicable regulatory and statutory requirements.
• Set, communicate and measure performance objectives and targets.
• Analyse performance information to facilitate continual improvement.

• Use suppliers who share our commitment for customer satisfaction.
• Use suppliers who conduct their business in an ethical manner.
• Use suppliers who meet our performance expectations.
• Monitor ongoing supplier performance.

R Archer, Dec 2017