RMA Precision is excited to announce that they are taking delivery of a new Vertical Machining Centre this week. This is due to increasing work volume for the various sectors they currently service.

Year on year the company has continued to invest in recognised accreditations, new machinery, building improvements, staff training and service developments.

The new YCM NXV1020AH Vertical Machining Centre is up to 25% quicker than any of the current VMC equipment, allowing for quicker turnaround, production and end user delivery.

The significant investment has been purchased with full automation in mind, future proofing the company and allowing staff to concentrate on other duties while the machinery deals with material input and tool changes.

Company director Richard Archer said “The time was right to invest in the new VMC, we’re very busy at the moment covering numerous sectors including medical, marine, and electrical. While contract reviewing and scheduling it was highlighted we needed extra machine capacity. The whole team are excited about the new investment and getting their hand on the latest tech.”

If you would like to discuss the manufacture of any machined parts or speak to a member of the team about the services RMA offer, then please don’t hesitate to contact RMA on 01305 788988.