RMA Plant Machinery Information

The RMA plant list consists of a variety of 3,4 & 5 axis milling machines, this includes quick setup prototype milling machines and CNC turning equipment up to 400mm diameter. We also added Detron GFA210S tables to two of our YCM NXV1020AH machines in 2019.

RMA have also added two new 3 axis VMC’s in the milling division, these units offer high speed 10,000 rpm spindles enabling us to provide decreased cycle times for our customers.

Investment activity was high during 2015. The same level of growth will continue for 2016 enabling further capacity and continued delivery of quality components. Recent additional machinery includes a CNC lathe with the capability of turning diameters up to 400mm with a component length of 700mm.

We machine a large range of materials on a daily basis. These consist of the run of the mill Aluminium’s, Stainless steels to the more challenging Monel, Super Duplex and Titanium materials.

RMA work closely with technical engineers to ensure we invest in the right tooling solutions ensuring we cut materials in an efficient and consistent manner.

CNC Milling

• 2 X YCM NXV1020AH with Detron GFA210S tables
• 1 X Bridgeport VMC 500
• 2 X Bridgeport VMC 600 with index head
• 1 X Bridgeport VMC 800 with 4th Axis
• 1 X Bridgeport VMC 1000 with 4th Axis
• 1 X XYZ KRV3000 Protrak

Quality Engineered Components

RMA supply manufactured components globally to a variety of industries and sectors





CNC Turning

• 1 Goodway GLS-200M
• 1 X Hyundai SKT 28
• 1 X Ecoca SJ20

Manual Turning
• 1 X Colchester Student