About RMA Precision Engineering

RMA precision has an excellent team of motivated and committed people driven to supplying our customers with a quality product.

Milling and turning services are managed by engineers with a minimum of 20 years’ experience, in fact all of our engineers have a minimum of 15 continuous years working in the industry. This team enables RMA to supply a service to our customers that stands out from the crowd.

Right now are exciting times for RMA Precision. We achieved AS9100 certification last year enabling us to offer our customers an improved and more comprehensive quality system. With this certification, new sector opportunities have become available. It also proves to our current customers that RMA are serious about continual improvement, constantly evolving and investing in the business.

New sets of KPI’s are in place to enable us to monitor our performance, providing us with the tools to ensure we stay on track, keeping our business healthy and ensure our customers are receiving the quality and delivery performance they expect from us.

You will find that RMA is a diverse business that has a universal in house capability offering commercially aware production capability, quick turnaround prototype manufacture and final assembly with the option of various stock holding and delivery methods. Why not contact us today and see how we can help your business?

RMA Production Process


Enquiry / RFQ Received

As soon as RMA receive an enquire or RFQ (request for quote), a member of the team will prepare a quotation using the internal quotation software.

A New Part Contract Review Checklist is completed for all new products and AS9100 related enquiries. This ensures any risks are identified and managed. It also ensures that quality and delivery are not compromised.

Step 1


Quotation Submitted

A quotation is then generated ensuring drawings and other information are checked for specified materials, configuration information, tolerances and any additional tooling requirements. Materials may also need to be ordered and 3rd party services required i.e. finishing\bonding.

Once the completed quote is ready, it is emailed to the client for approval.

Step 2


Customer Approval

Once a quotation is ready it is sent to the client for approval. RMA aim to turn all quotations around as soon as possible.

Once sent we would follow up the quote submission and respond to an queries the client may have until a decision is made. If approved then we move on to the next process – scheduling.

Step 3



Once the team receive confirmation that a customer is happy to proceed with their order, the team schedule the job accordingly to the agreed requirements. Each job is also assigned a job card for traceability, complying with ISO9001 regulations.

The team make sure that the necessary resources are in place i.e. materials, drawings, digital files, labour to meet the agreed manufacturing and delivery deadline.

Step 4



Once the job moves in to the production stage, the machinery is setup according to the job card and any applicable work instructions. The machinery will be programed and a first off component manufactured.

This is then inspected, referring to the drawing and any workmanship standards if applicable. Once passed the job card is signed, FAI report and any additional inspection records completed. The job then moves in to full production.

Step 5



Once complete, components may need a variety of finishing processes. Some processes are completed in house, others may need to be sub-contracted.

RMA arrange for all sub-contract processes to be carried out as specified on the job card, ensuring the products are suitable identified and protected at all times. Once temporarily transferred to a sub-contractor the job will be managed by RMA and monitored to ensure the agreed delivery dates are met.

Step 6


Quality Control/Testing

Once all production and finishing processes are complete, each component will receive a final inspection.

This is to confirm finished products comply with requirements in terms of quality, dimension, finish and product marking / issue status and record findings on the job card and other Inspection records as specified.

After quality control/testing, components are moved to the dispatch area for packaging and shipping.

Step 7


Packaging & Dispatch

RMA take great pride in packaging. Once an order has passed inspection it is packed according to the customers requirements stated on the job card.

Some of the packaging variables include marking, identification, cleaning, protection and specific palletisation instructions. Once ready to ship the various dispatch paper work is generated, inspection information attached and the expediter is informed.

We then liaise with the client until the final product is safely delivered.

Step 8
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Certified & Fully Compliant with AS9100

Our customers choose us and keep coming back because of the quality of service and the components we produce.
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